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181 icons! All of them are Heart no Kuni no alice screenshots! They're a bit bare, and for that I apologize. THEY ARE NOT BASES asdjlgalwkjglwg n-not bases, please don't ask. :C

Also, there might be a few spoilers in these icons, so please view at your own discretion! 8O Also a lot of makey outey scenes, hoyes *A*

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you do have a soul, don'tcha lawrence?

HEEEEY KIDDIES. *A* Happy New Year, from both of us at rabuicons! Hope that you all had a good 2009, and we look forward to spending the next year providing you icons, which you'll hopefully enjoy! C:

I've been working on this batch for a little while (read: forever). For those who don't know the subject of thisicon batch, Heart no Kuni no Alice is actually an Otome (Dating) Game turned manga. Really, it's worth reading! You can find it over at or C:

Other icons this time around are a few Martel-centered icons from Tales of Symphonia, and some jolene icons, from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. That manga is also on C: She's so wacky; I love that broad. lulz.

Oh, uh, we're breaking the 150 mark on this icon post, so it's rather image heavy. CAREFUL, DIAL-UP USERS Dx!!

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hey mista ; please mista dee jay ; turn the music up.


Rofl. I've been holdin' out. These are icons I've done in my free time. You'll find that there are a few different coloring styles in here! There's the one I've been using for a little while, one that involves getting rid of all the black lines, and one that I'm kinda partial to. :> It's just..coloring. basic. no shadows, no secrets. rofl.

I'd be really grateful if you could choose one or two of the styles that look the best to you! :> I seriously am at a loss right now on how to appease ye followers. ;A; as soon as the winter break starts up, I'll take requests! I promise! Dx

There's gonna be 144 icons this time around. :>

115 axis powers hetalia
14 eternal sonata
15 various fandoms (view tags to see which specific ones :>)


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Hi everybody! :> I know I just posted yesterday, but after redoing the layout of the community, I discovered that we don't have an affiliates page! D8 or if we do then it's very sneakily hiding from me

I hereby designate this post to be that such page! :> rofl. Here are the rules.

COMMENT here with:

1. your community name 2. your username(s) and , and 3. THREE icons.

Your pretty little icons, along with your community will be listed below. Don't rush us on this, please. We're willing to affiliate with anyone! Don't be shy! Communities who are already affiliated with us are free to request certain icons be used as previews for your community. To start everything, though, I'll just pick a few of them.

run by :haircurl and lovino</font>

run by : madamedepomp

run by :nametag

run by : greenjordy, static_anomaly and xsweet_rainex

run by : reconquista and bioplague

run by :homolust and suncide

run by : triforce and aoiryuu
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HIIII *A* short and sweet. and a shit ton of ES icons. roflrofl. I'm gonna be goin' through all of the game on youtube and iconing it- I would expect to see more Viola, March, Salsa, and co in the next one. Also, don't mind my tons of Rondo icons- I'm planning on roleplaying her soon, so I figured HAI Y NOT :>

Also Polka's mom is the best mom ever Y/Y/VY/N

25 ES Fanart
33 HETALIA fanart
8 The World only God Knows
101 Screenshot 'cons of Eternal Sonata

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do you remember me. :[ I'm sorry for being so sahdjghakjweg not here. rofl. BUT TO MAKE UP FOR IT I HAVE A SHIT TON OF ICONS

In this post, also, if you would be so kind, maybe you could direct me to some things you'd like to see icon'd? Like..manga panels, doujinshi. y'know. fanart, too. idk- it seems I have a heaping desire to icon but not enough ffandoms to work from. Today I went all out- I'm bringing you 128 icons from different fandoms, such as pokemon, Eternal Sonata, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Hetalia, and a few others that you'll see in this post.

o7 onto the icons, I suppose.

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Hey guys! HUGE icon post, coming your way! *A* For those who thought I dropped out of Symphonia, you are wrong. Ohoho. You are so, so wrong.

Also picking up a new fandom! Eternal Sonata, otherwise known in japan as Trusty Bell is being added to the list of things I have to icon. :|b I hope I don't disappoint anyone with this post, because asjdfhkjaweh. :| rofl. I spent four hours on all this with a ten minute food/potty break and three diet cokes. \o\

They're all pretty simple. Don't be expecting a masterpiece, or anything. Pretty random. And also, they're all of fanart. You read that right. :| BEFORE WE EVEN BEGIN, if..

A) Any of this fanart belongs to you, and you don't like it..
B) Want the full picture behind the icon..
C) Love me and want to show your support 'cause you guys are awesome..

Leave a comment, addressing your issue. I will get to it. :| ALSO. Because I just..idk. Get a little weirded out when people comment two or three weeks after the post (nothing personal, but i have a laptop and this computer, so I have to switch between them when i want to show you guys pictures). So after a week, all comments directed towards finding the full picture need to be sent to me in an email or an IM. You can email me at rikakuchan [AT] gmail [DOT] com (with appropriate symbols, of course), or on aim at undorkable. That means next Friday. 'A' So..just keep it in mind, ja?


At any rate, I ramble. rofl. HAVE SOME ICONS \o\

tales of // 72
eternal sonata // 61
hetalia // 21

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of the whole i've been a saint ; TO THOSE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS


I hope you haven't forgotten about me! ;A; it's been forever and a few thousand days since I actually posted. icons. rofl.

I have 25 today. a pathetic, terrible, number. They're all APH, lots of Russia, Belarus, and a little Liet and Poland with some guest apperances by. uh. others. rofl.



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OHAY! *A* Since, uh, requests seem to be so popular, right now. I'll be taking a few! \o\

This is a WATCHER'S ONLY request list! 8O If you and I are friended personally, then you guys get your own requests. Meaning that if we're total lyk bffs fo'sho then I'll give you a free request, even if you don't make it within the watcher requests.

I'll be taking 10 requests!

Two icons per one request, please. I'll get really swamp'd with work if I let you guys go willy nilly. xD

Icons can be of fanart! 8O I'll also color icons. If you give me a B&W scan you must provide a color sample! If you don't, well. Poop. B|

You can reserve, but your reserve will only last for two days! As soon as your reserve runs out, other people can ask for icons in your place.

All icons are shareable. :|bb

In the header line, please put whether you're a WATCHER or a FRIEND. Thank you! *A*